This concept of an AI adapting a workout program to meet my needs was alluring, yet in practice I felt the application completely missed its mark. My resultant program had me doing 24 sets of deadlifts on my first three days. Doing that many sets of deadlifts in that sort a timespan is an excellent way to experience CNS burnout along with destroying one’s back. Simply put, the program generated was completely unsafe. I ended up uninstalling the program after less than a week.


BodBot is an application that uses AI to schedule one's training. Unlike conventional apps, which usually use generic cookie-cutter templates for everyone, BodBot attempts to personalize and tailor towards one’s goals and identify weaknesses. At the time of this writing, BodBot has over 500k downloads and a Google Play rating of 4.6.

Program Experience

After installing the application, I signed up and filled out a short questionnaire asking about my desired intensity, desired goals, and if I am physically able to do certain bodyweight movements. I answered that I was experienced in weight lifting, looking to get stronger, and wanted medium intensity. So far, so good. The interface was clean and very simple to navigate through.

Workout Programming

After finishing this up, out popped my completely personalize program.

The first three days looked something like this:

  • Day 1 – Back Squats (8 sets of 4), Deadlifts (8 sets of 4), Assistance Work
  • Day 2 – Lots of shoulder work, Romanian Deadlifts (8 sets of 5), Front Squats (5 sets of 5)
  • Day 3 – Bunch of light arm work, Sumo Deadlifts (8 sets of 4), Core workouts

The magnitude of shoulder work was cool, as it identified a weakness with my shoulders (given that I had a shoulder injury a year ago). The variations in squats and movements is nice too. But those deadlifts? The program is having me do 24 sets in 3 days! That is insane! There is no reason to do that many in such a short time span. The squats could have also been spaced out a bit more during the week as well.

Using the app while working out

It ran a little slow on my LG V30 and was a bit clunky, though it was simple enough to follow at the gym. I really enjoy the referenced studies and citations in the applications. It really makes it feel more data-driven than anything.


I really like the idea behind Bodbot but it needs some improvement if it spits out programs like mine. Safety is super important and I’d hate to see someone get hurt by following something similar. The BodBot support team was pretty responsive and mentioned that they’ll look into it. Let us just hope they will address the issue.

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