Hi, I'm Drakeor! I mostly do software development and occasionally other interesting stuff. I started this blog as a personal journal back in 2011 it's gone through multiple revisions since.

Latest Posts

KoizOS - Moving to GRUB2

IntroductionI feel like I've made considerable progress on Koiz OS. I built a bootloader, memory management functions, interrupt handlers, and a simple C library. At this point, I thought it would be fun to actually try running the operating system

KoizOS - Building a Standard Lib

IntroductionAfter making it past the bootloader, the actual operating system starts and displays an X in the upper left-hand corner of the screen using the following code: void main () { char * video_memory = ( char *) 0xb8000 ; *video_memory = 'X'; } That's not very

KoizOS - Bootloader

Writing a Bootloader from Scratch in FASMAlthough OSDev and many other sites recommend first starting with GRUB, I wanted to write my own as a learning experience and see how far I can get with it before I needed to

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