Review of Lambda GPU Cloud

IntroductionThis is going to be a fairly short review of Lambda Lab's Lambda Cloud Instances. These GPU-backed instances are geared towards machine learning and AI applications, like the one I've been working on as of lately. I didn't see too

Raptor Plush Commission

Pretty quick post today! I took down the OS tutorial series for now as I plan how I actually want to approach it. I almost feel like I should finish up mine first. This is a commission I worked on

Solving Block Sudoku - Part 5

In the previous post, I tried to build a DQN to play the game with less than stellar results. So in this post, I'm going to try to completely revise my strategy to build a better way of solving Block

Solving Block Sudoku - Part 4

This is the moment we've been working up towards. We're finally going to build an AI to try to play Block Sudoku. So disclaimer, I'm not an expert in this, so my resulting network will most likely be far from

Solving Block Sudoku - Part 3

IntroductionIn my last post, I ported the Block Sudoku game to Javascript so I could use Phaser to develop a user-friendly playable version of the game. In this section, we're going to go back to the python version and attempt

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