Solving Block Sudoku - Part 3

Introduction In my last post, I ported the Block Sudoku game to Javascript so I could use Phaser to develop a user-friendly playable version of the game. In this section, we're going to go back to the python version and

Solving Block Sudoku - Part 2

Moving our game logic to an app Since my game was already programmed in Python, it was only natural that the playable application part of it be programmed in Python as well. And so I decided to give the python

Solving Block Sudoku - Part 1

What is Block Sudoku? Block Sudoku is a game arranged like a traditional Sudoku board, and each "round", you place 3 tetris-like blocks on the board. They can be anywhere on the board as long as they don't collide with

Stellar Conflicts Game

More of a quick update this time than an article. This month, I've been working on remaking a game with my good friend Raygoe and I used to play many years back. It's not much to see at the minute,

Colocation, was it worth it?

Background For the past 7 years, I've had a server co-located in Chicago. I built it for fun with a friend while I was in high school and use it mostly to host my projects and a few game servers.