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KoizOS - Adding more shell commands

Introduction KoizOS has a file system and memory management, but there's not an effective way to actually interact with the operating system. I put in two hastily coded test shell commands to test memory usage last post, but in this

KoizOS - Malloc/Free and Memory

Introduction First post of 2024! After getting the FAT16 filesystem set up, the next step is move to dynamic memory, specifically implementing malloc/free commands. The allocator I'm building for my operating system is loosely inspired by the Slab Allocator

KoizOS - Writing a simple FAT16 filesystem

Introduction An important part of many modern operating systems is the storage and retrieval of data / files. For KoizOS, I'll be implementing FAT16 as my filesystem on top of a ramdisk I've created on boot. I chose FAT16 for both

Fixing your old Ghost Blog 's database migrations

Introduction I admit I haven't upgraded my Ghost Blog's to the next major version until today. Most of the reason was because I kept running into the following error: Ghost was able to start, but errored during boot with: alter

KoizOS - Moving to GRUB2

Introduction I feel like I've made considerable progress on Koiz OS. I built a bootloader, memory management functions, interrupt handlers, and a simple C library. At this point, I thought it would be fun to actually try running the operating